An artificial intelligence company (no we are not building robots to take over the world) reimagining the way AI is being used in the world, making it more accessible and in doing so, increasing human creativity. Our aim is for business lives to include less stress, error, cost and tedium, by automating the mundane processes for them. Diversity is in our team DNA. We are made up of expert scientists, technicians, creatives, linguists, marketers and retail experts, from around the world, committed to using tech to enhance human creativity.

Jaggu Culture

We are driven by a desire to observe and make sense of the world around us. The Jaggu culture has grown by creating a space of inclusivity and respect- where no idea is ever to big, wild or weird. Building a core team from varied backgrounds ,with a massive range of skills, has created a space of creativity, where problems are solved every minute of everyday with flair and teamwork. Defined by our curiosity, we are consistently looking around us for the solutions that will solve human problems.

We Believe (in no particular order…)

1.  With the right eyes you can see everything clearly in a single glance.

2.  AI is not black-box magic- our machine learning may be complex, but we want our solutions to be user friendly and easy to understand.

3.  AI should be accessible to all- no matter what problem we have a tailored automatic solution.

4. We are committed to enhancing human creativity, never replacing it.

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