Personal Data Handling Policy of s.r.o.


1.1. This policy governing handling of personal data was adopted by s.r.o., Company ID: 291 53 786, with registered office at Radlická 2485/103, Smíchov, 150 00 Prague 5 and registered in the Commercial Register under file no. C 204709 maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague (hereinafter as "StartupJobs").

1.2. The present policy governs processing of personal data of all users of the website (hereinafter referred to as " user") and contacts of customers who place job advertisements on this website (hereinafter referred to as "customer").

1.3. In terms of processing personal data, StartupJobs performs role of administrator as well as that of a processor. StartupJobs is an administrator of personal data provided when creating and managing your profile. However, when you provide your personal data through StartupJobs in response to a job advertisement, it is the customer who acts as a data administrator. StartupJobs then acts as a processor that collects and further processes these data for the customer.

1.4. StartupJobs' Personal Data Protection Officer is Ing. Tereza Müllerová,, +420 725 875 752.


2.1. StartupJobs primarily processes the data you provide when creating and using your profile. Some personal data is required for registration (such as name and email address) and is used for the identification of the user. While using your profile, you may provide in particular data about your work experience and education or other data that you include in your CV, including photos.

2.2. StartupJobs further processes the data you provide when replying to job offerings. Some identification and contact data (such as name, e-mail address and phone number) are mandatory and their disclosure is necessary for a specific customer to be able to contact you. You can optionally include additional data, including a link to your LinkedIn profile and the data contained in your CV.

2.3. Social networks data. Access to other data is provided, in the case that you log in via Facebook or LinkedIn. If you use your Facebook profile to log in, it allows StartupJobs to access your public profile and email address. Your public profile on Facebook includes your first and last name, profile picture, age, gender and other public data based on your settings. In the case of LinkedIn, you will allow access to your motto, current job position and primary email address associated with your LinkedIn profile or other public data based on your settings.

2.4. The data collected on the basis of use of the website and through cookies. In order to better target advertising campaigns and improve the website, StartupJobs uses data on offers and companies you viewed or offers you replied to and other website activities such as filling in knowledge tests. This data is collected automatically through StartupJobs tools. If you have cookies enabled on your device, this data is also collected through these files. Learn more about all the cookies that StartupJobs uses here.

2.5. Only persons older than 15 years of age may create a profile and reply to offerings.


3.1. At all times, StartupJobs uses personal data only for the purposes for which it is collected. If StartupJobs acts as a personal data processor for advertising customers, it cannot extend the purpose for which data is provided (response to an offering). However, this does not apply if you give consent to further processing or if StartupJobs is required to do so by law.

3.2. For creation and management of a user profile. In this case, data processing takes place as part of the performance of the terms of the contract and includes all personal data you provided by you when using your profile. In relation to the management of the profile, you may also receive e-mail messages. However, such messages will not include any commercial content.

3.3. To process your response to a specific offering. In this case, the data processing is part of the performance of the terms of the contract and involves the transmission of all personal data that you provide to the advertising customer in response to their offer. In this case, the customer acts a personal data administrator. In the context of processing the response, you may also receive e-mail messages. However, such messages will not include any commercial content.

3.4. To send offers of specific customer. In this case, the processing takes place exclusively on the basis of your interest in jobs advertised by a specific customer. The processing is based on your individual request for applicable email notifications submitted in the StartupJobs customer profile. If your personal data is not processed for any other purpose, under this policy, you will not receive any other information or unsolicited commercial communication at that email address. The notification sent does not serve to promote StartupJobs or any other customer.

3.5. For sending offers and other news from StartupJobs. The data processing includes your name, so we could address you correctly and your email address. In this case, the processing takes place only after you have granted consent, which is completely voluntary. You can grant consent during registration or elsewhere on the website. If you grand consent in a reply form to a published offer, your consent will include also the processing of personal data by the customer who will keep your data for purposes of future job offerings.

3.6. Push notifications. If you have this feature enabled, StartupJobs may send you so-called “push notifications” directly into the web interface. For this purpose, data about your devices is used. These notifications are displayed based on your consent granted after the relevant notification in the web interface.

3.7. Targeting of advertising and improving StartupJobs offerings. In order to improve advertisement targeting and site optimization, StartupJobs uses data on your activity on the website, especially on offerings you viewed or your replies to the offering. The data in question also includes data collected via cookies. Processing for advertisement targeting is only possible after you grant consent. Based on all the collected data, StartupJobs gets statistics, analyzes and reports about the behavior of website users.

3.8. Testimonials on the website. All data for user or customer testimonials published on the website is collected based on consent and includes, in particular, the name, surname and photo while in the case of users, the name of the current employer.

3.9. Further processing of personal data in excess of the specified time limits is carried out by StartupJobs only if it is necessary for the performance of the obligations arising from legislation or contractual arrangements, which require StartupJobs to do so.


4.1. Commercial message. Users may at any time cancel receiving commercial messages by:

  • clicking on the link located in the footer of each commercial message;
  • in user profile settings; or
  • talking to the contacts listed in this policy.

4.2. Advertisement targeting (cookies). If you wish to disable saving cookies on your device, you may change your settings by clicking on the "Cookies " link in the footer of the web page or change the settings directly in your browser. In case you disable the saving of selected cookies, some sections of the website may not work properly.

4.3. Push notifications. Push notifications can be disabled in your browser settings.

4.4. Testimonials. Consent to the publication of personal data in the testimonial section of the website may be revoked at any time through the contacts listed in this policy.


5.1. First of all, personal data is processed by StartupJobs and customers if they are processed in connection with responses to their offers. Everybody at StartupJobs who works with personal date is bounded by confidentiality.

5.2. StartupJobs may also use a so-called “processor”​ to process the personal data. These entities may process personal data only for the purposes and in a manner determined by StartupJobs while they must not disclose the data to third parties. We pass to the processors only the data which is necessary for them to provide their services. StartupJobs uses the following processors:

  • Google LLC (web analytics tools and on-line marketing);
  • Facebook Ireland Ltd. (online marketing tools);
  •, a.s. (online marketing tools);
  • The Rocket Science Group, LLC (online marketing tools);
  • SuperNetwork s.r.o (online marketing tools);
  • Retyp, LLC (online marketing tools);
  • and possibly others.


6.1. StartupJobs processes the personal data of registered users until they cancel their profile. Customer contact data is processed for the term of the business relationship or until the customer updates the data.

6.2. The data obtained for the purposes of processing a response to an offer and the subsequent selection process are stored until the job position in question is filled. This period may be longer than the validity of the job advertisement the customer posted on the website. If you grant your consent, your data may be retained in the customer's database in case a similar position is opened in the following 5 years.

6.3. Commercial messages are sent in all cases only until you revoke your consent or unsubscribe from this service.

6.4. Data obtained for marketing purposes is processed for the term of your consent, including the time you allow the saving of cookies on the website or your browser. Data processing could even continue after the withdrawal of consent though no longer than the relevant type of cookies expires. The time limit for each type of cookie can be found here.

6.5. The duration of the processing of personal data collected for the testimonials publication is agreed individually. Based on your consent, StartupJobs will cease to process such data.


7.1. You may contact StartupJobs at any time in connection with the processing of personal data and request:

  • Information about the personal data that StartupJobs processes concerning the purpose and nature of the processing of the personal data, including information about the potential recipients of personal data outside of StartupJobs.
  • Access to the data you provided StartupJobs when creating and using your profile or in reply to a job advertisement or another way on the website. If you decide to exercise your right, StartupJobs will inform you if and what specific personal data it processes. All data will be made available to you along with information on its processing.
  • Correction of personal data , if it is inaccurate or incomplete. Only if all data is up-to-date can StartupJobs effectively process replies to published offers.
  • Explanation and removal of error (such as blocking, correcting, supplementing, or deleting personal data) if you believe that StartupJobs processes personal data contrary to the protection of your personal and private life or in violation of legal regulations.
  • Deletion of personal data (the so-called “right to be forgotten”) or its limited processing if they are no longer needed for the said purposes or if StartupJobs no longer has a legitimate reason to process the personal data, including if you no longer agree with the data processing. By exercising this right, StartupJobs will determine whether there are legitimate reasons for the further processing of your personal data and eventually delete your data in whole or in part.
  • Transferring automatedly processed personal data obtained based on your consent from StartupJobs to another entity, when StartupJobs passes your personal data in a commonly used format to you or another administrator of your choice.

7.2. If you believe that StartupJobs processes your personal data in violation of your rights protecting your private or personal life, you may require StartupJobs to explain and remove such situation. It is always possible to contact the CEO of StartupJobs directly at At any time, you can also contact the Office for the Protection of Personal Data, in case StartupJobs violates its obligations.

7.3. You may exercise all yours rights through the contacts listed in this policy.


8.1. For StartupJobs, the security of your data is important. The handling of personal data is performed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). While processing personal data, StartupJobs puts a great emphasis on the technical and organizational security of the data.

8.2. All electronic personal data is stored in databases and systems accessible only to persons who need to handle personal data for the purposes specified in this policy and only to the extent necessary. Personal data security is regularly tested by StartupJobs and is constantly improved.


9.1. StartupJobs, customers and other third parties who process personal data for StartupJobs act as administrators or processors based on the purpose and method of processing. The relationship between administrators and processors is governed by this policy and by applicable laws. Persons who process personal data as a processor are required to do so only in accordance with the instructions of the administrator.

9.2. Customers and processors used by StartupJobs are required, taking into consideration the state of technology and in particular the nature of the scope and purpose of the processing they perform, to take the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate security of all personal data StartupJobs has provided to them.

9.3. Customers may only provide StartupJobs the personal data which can be legally processed and provided. The customer is responsible for observing this obligation and the accuracy of all submitted data. Customers may process personal data only for the time necessary for the particular purpose unless there is another legitimate reason.

9.4. StartupJobs, customers or other third parties are required in particular to:

  • report all the facts that may affect the processing of personal data;
  • provide mutual assistance in order to ensure the safety of personal data
  • provide mutual assistance in fulfilling reporting obligations in relation to the persons whose personal data are processed and in exercise of their rights under this policy; and
  • observe applicable law during personal data processing.

9.5. Processors used by StartupJobs may only use another processor to process the personal data only after prior written permission from StartupJobs. StartupJobs may at any time object to the involvement of any processor. Processors are required to oblige other processors to comply with the obligations stipulated in this policy. If another processor fails to fulfill the obligation, the primary processor is responsible for the performance of their obligations arising from relations with StartupJobs.

9.6. StartupJobs, a customer or other third parties are at all times responsible for their own employees who process personal data and undertake to maintain confidentiality about the personal data they have become familiar with, even after the data is no longer processed.

9.7. Upon termination of the processing of personal data carried out on the basis of any legal reasons, StartupJobs, the customer or other third parties will dispose of the personal data, including all copies thereof.

9.8. StartupJobs, the customer or other third parties are required to provide mutual assistance in processing personal data pursuant to this policy as well as provide all of the information necessary to demonstrate that they perform their obligations stipulated in this policy. If necessary, processors used by StartupJobs are required to allow audits or inspections performed directly by StartupJobs or an independent auditor and to fully co-operate with these audits.


10.1. You may contact StartupJobs regarding the processing of your personal data or exercise your rights by email at or by calling +420 725 875 752.


11.1. These policies are effective from May 5, 2018. s.r.o.