9 tips to recruit top talents for your startup

“How to attract top talents to my startup and how to retain them?” that’s one of the questions that every founder (or recruiter) asks himself everyday. Without hiring the right people, whole success of your startup is in jeopardy.  We’ll show you how to attract the best ones and retain them for years.

How Important Is Recruiting? Critical!

Putting the right mix of personalities and skills together is one of critical success factors. Actually, the latest survey scores the ill-suited team as the 3rd most common reason why startups fail. There is no place to hide any issues of a tiny team. You simply cannot afford mistakes of gigantic corporates.

Following tips are drawn from our 7 years experience during which we helped more than 1,000 of startups finding 10,000 new colleagues.

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Write Catchy Job Advertisement

The journey to recruit the perfect match for your company starts with the creation of the Job Advertisement. Main parts of every Job Ad should be:

  • Title
  • Job Description
  • Company Description
  • What you Offer
  • What you Require.

We give you 9 simple tips that help you to avoid the most common mistakes:

  1. Keep the Title of the job clear and simple. It should just state what the offered position is. Don’t try to be too creative here, it can only lead to confusion. Digital jedi for our website may sound super sensational, but you won’t find the PHP developer that you need.
  2. Cover everything but not too much. Prepare the text of the advertisement, so it is approximately one list of A4 in length. Shorter descriptions are not sufficient, longer too boring.
  3. Explain to candidates what you want them to actually do. “You will be responsible for client relationship.” sounds vague, but explaining “You will be in daily touch via email or phone with our german client, for which we develop a CRM system.” will add the needed clarity. Include also technologies or tools that your company uses, it can be very important for e.g. developers.
  4. Include information about the pay. For up to 75% of candidates it is important to know their future salary or the system how it is calculated. If you offer perks, mix them into an irresistible list.
  5. Don’t go too wild with requirements. If the candidate feels unsure about one or two points, there’s a big chance that you won’t see his application. List only the most required skills and add a short explanation to each: “As you will be in touch with our international clients, fluent English is required.” Avoid classic cliches, such as team player, flexible, communication skills etc. Number of demands should be lower than number of benefits as human psychology works everywhere the same.
  6. Highlight benefits of the position. What is added value of your service? How is your company beating competitors? Find some attractive reasons and if you can’t find any, maybe it’s time to think about why you actually do it… :-)
  7. Startup culture matters! Show it off. You wouldn’t guess that 25% of candidates are looking for a new job because they require a better company culture - offer a relationship, not just an employment and show the unique aspects of your startup. The more specific, the more attractive for candidates. Create a neat company profile. Some pages offer a dedicated place for this presentation and you should seize this opportunity - create a funny introductory video, upload photos of your offices and the team.
  8. Be hip, be dynamic. If you are requesting such qualities from your future colleagues, maybe you should be the first to demonstrate them. CVc and Cover Letters were alright 15 years ago. Proof you are cool and ask candidates for their LinkedIn profile. Before the personal interview, consider asking candidates to complete a sample task, so you both know whether this position is the right fit for them.
  9. The text must lack: lies, discrimination and uncertain promises that you are not going to fulfil. It always backfires on you, so if you want to keep your employees happy for years, it is not a good idea to deceive them even before you actually hire them.

How about some magic? Or a shortcut?

Surveys showed that investing a bit of money to the promotion of job ads can bring more high-quality candidates applying to your position. At StartupJobs we measured that sponsored HotJobs recorded 3 times more views and received double amount of applications! If you choose the Job Ads with PPC campaigns, we can beat the average results by 600 % just by promoting your offer on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Be careful about related fees - at StartupJobs we invest all your funds straight into the campaign budget, but other sites have different policies and you can lose some percentage.

Where to Place Job Offers?

You are not looking for a place that offers only a list of positions and a search box. You need a partner able to help you reaching the best young and promising talents out there. We want to be such a partner, and that’s why we will stand by your side during the whole recruitment process.

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Consider reflecting our advice in your job ads and you will dramatically increase the chance to be the one of the fortunate startups to recruit the right people. Kick off and make it big!

Author: Matyas Vejskal