7 + 1 movie for startups

Work is not everything, even for an entrepreneur. Also, what is better than relaxing and finding inspiration at the same time while watching a movie? That's why we're bringing you a few movies that no entrepreneur should miss.

1. Startup.com

One has to start with the documentary Startup.com. It is an authentic 2001 film that follows the story of the popular govWorks.com site that provides communication between citizens and  authorities. Two childhood friends - Kaleil Isaza Tuzman and Tom Herman made 60 million USD in just a year, hired hundreds of staff and met President Clinton. After taking the company public, they had to deal with many business pitfalls, while the worst was when their friendship started to fade.

2.  Pirates of Silicon Valley

This biographical drama portrays the sequence of events surrounding the two tech geniuses Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Those two opened ordinary people the door to modern technology, as brilliantly captured by the movie's director Martyn Burke.

3. Silicon Valley

The Mecca of all Silicon Valley developers also inspired the creators of the satiric comedy series Silicon Valley. The trio of the introverted (according to the distributor's words) programmers get to know the environment of the most famous innovation hub of the world. Warning - some viewers complain about the humor and sexism in the show being too harsh!

4. Why him?

If you feel like having fun, this comedy from two years ago is just right for you. Rather than a startup environment, it portrays a relationship between a girl and a successful but highly unconventional programming genius, whose Rock 'n' Roll style scares the girl's parents to death. However, what many entrepreneurs may find inspiring is his unconventional lifestyle in a huge mansion with a helicopter in the backyard. Elon Musk also makes an appearance in the movie.

5. The Aviator

A classic featuring a number of movie stars. A man of many talents, last but not least, the aviation pioneer Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) fascinated America with his innovative ideas covering different areas. This Martin Scorsese's film captures the most interesting moments of this renaissance man's life.

6. The Pursuit of Happyness

No less important is the drama "The Pursuit of Happyness" featuring William Smith. The movie depicts the life of his character, Chris Gardner, who desperately tries to find a way to provide for his family. After a series of distressing events his wife decides to leave, while Chris is trying to find a way out from the situation by applying for an internship in a prestigious brokerage firm. However, this is only the beginning. He works for free and sleeps in homeless shelters or public toilets. Despite all adversities, he continues to work for a better life for his family.

7. Boiler Room

Nineteen-year-old Seth (Giovanni Ribisi) drops out of university and starts his business - an illegal casino right in his house. His father, who is a federal judge, is not fond of any of these decisions. And so, when one of Seth's casino visitors tells him about a job at J.T. Marlin brokerage firm, he does not hesitate. He hopes to soon achieve both of his goals - to regain his father's respect and make a million bucks. At first, he does well and even becomes the most successful of the new employees but gradually realizes the money he and his colleagues make are made at the expense of the customers. So, he starts his investigation.?

+1 Smrt krásných srnc? (Forbidden Dreams)

f course, this is a great deal of exaggeration, but one can find a startup archetype even in Czech, namely in this Karel Kachyna's movie based on Ota Pavel's book. Do you remember the masterful business practices of the trader who refuses to quit and door salesman Leo Popper, who did everything he could to provide for his family and protect it from Nazi horrors at all costs. However, even in such a situation, he didn't forget to relax and laugh.