5 best podcasts for marketeers from a guy who has been listening to them religiously for two years

Most Czechs commute at least 30 minutes to work. I was commuting from Mukarov (near Ricany) to Prague. And that meant I had to drive through Uhrineves. This place drives everyone crazy who has ever lived in the southeastern part of Prague. Several very frequent motorways merge to a single one here, while there are so many traffic lights along that route that one could run a disco in the night there. At peak times, spending an hour in a traffic jam is no exception. However, one can turn this into their own advantage.

And that's when I discovered podcasts. The podcasts quite literally saved me from living through the movie Falling Down when having to stop before a pedestrian crossing for 50th time!

Jordan Peterson claims that commuting people can learn from podcasts as much as from university lectures. After two years of commuting, I tend to agree with him.

I was most interested in marketing and copywriting. The podcasts I have listened to were great, some were bad but mostly they were just OK. And so, to save you some time, I recommend some of the better ones. And to tell you that:

You do not have to study anything. A good podcast is not only informative but also entertaining. You learn things, you realize that people around you need help and all of a sudden you got a portfolio which can help you find a job even without dozens of years of experience (startupjobs - marketing, just google it). Also, you can learn this within weeks, if you know what podcasts are worth listening to. That's exactly the reason I wrote this article.

How to listen to podcasts?

There are number of apps which are extremely helpful. They track what you've listened to and what you haven't, they remember where you left off or notify you whenever a new episode of your favorite podcast is available.

I recommend two applications which I have personally used:
Podcast addict - reliable but quite complicated. Beginners might feel overwhelmed.
Stitcher - straight-forward, intuitive but occasionally suffers from playback problems.


5 best podcasts:

1. Marketing school
Most job offers include something  like "a company is looking for somebody who does not find the word SEO scary” or "who knows what PPC actually stands for." Podcast Marketing School - the name says everything, beginners get familiar with basic concepts, while pros can learn more about fields outside of their specialization.
The episodes are short: 5-7 minutes. Due to their limited length, they are easy to follow, and you can complete an entire episode while waiting for a tram.

2. The marketing companion 
This podcast will stay with you for several years. Do you want to find out what's new in business? This podcast is for you! Are you interested in social media? This podcast is for you as well! Just ignore the crazy intro. However, as David Ogilvy said, every marketeer should have a sense of humor.

3. Marketing over coffee
The place where technology and marketing meet. For example, social media marketing. The podcast features experts on different aspects, who break down a discussed topic... and you realize how much you still don't know, for example, about Facebook groups. This is a very good podcast, which is presented in a pleasant, relaxing way.

4. Story Brand
John Campbell once researched the world's myths and devised a formula, that is supposed to be universally understandable to every individual across the ages and continents. Campbell became famous after John Lucas created Star Wars using the formula. Initially, the Story Brand podcast mostly discussed the benefits of this formula for your business but since then it has gradually evolved into a more general podcast featuring interesting guests, great insights and practical advice. Remember: The main character of your business's story is not you, it's your client!

5. Psych insights for modern marketers
Kevin Rogers, a former stand-up comedian, joined John Carlton who enjoys a god-like position among the insiders. His "amazing secret discovered by a one-legged golfer, which is going to help you add 50 yards to your drive and lower the number of strokes by almost overnight," is legendary. And if you are saying to yourself that you hate this kind of advertising, it's precisely because John Carlton is one of the most imitated people in marketing - and that's why this podcast exists. John just hated being poorly imitated.