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9 tips to recruit top talents for your startup

“How to attract top talents to my startup and how to retain them?” that’s one of the questions that every founder (or recruiter) asks himself everyday. Without hiring the right people, whole success of your startup is in jeopardy.  We’ll show you how to attract the best ones and retain them for… More

Learn to say no in the workplace

Ultimately, "saying no"  is a skill like every other. One has to learn it and get over the uncomfortable feelings by regular repetition. Self-regulation is always handy in the workplace. We should not underestimate its power, even though we don't work as freelancers. As Friedrich Nietzsche… More

Focused work: How to develop this quite valuable skill for the 21st century?

You know this. You want to start to work or learn but you get distracted every few minutes - Facebook notifications, emails, other news and applications. True concentration is getting harder achieve, the distractions are everywhere, not to mention other external distractions such as working in… More

7 + 1 movie for startups

Work is not everything, even for an entrepreneur. Also, what is better than relaxing and finding inspiration at the same time while watching a movie? That's why we're bringing you a few movies that no entrepreneur should miss.   1. One has to start with the… More

Are you thinking about changing an employer? 7 tips how to smoothly leave a job

Does your job no longer bring you joy and new challenges? The idea of it is ruining an increasing part of your Sunday afternoons? Have you decided that it is time to leave? Now comes the moment when it is necessary to tell the news to your boss and colleagues. Changing employment, just like… More

5 best podcasts for marketeers from a guy who has been listening to them religiously for two years

Most Czechs commute at least 30 minutes to work. I was commuting from Mukarov (near Ricany) to Prague. And that meant I had to drive through Uhrineves. This place drives everyone crazy who has ever lived in the southeastern part of Prague. Several very frequent motorways merge to a single one… More