On website (from now on “website”) we use cookies. In these rules about cookies, you can find information about which cookies we use, why we use them and how you can block them.

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are sent and store during your session on a website on this website or by websites of third-party partners to your browser. Websites can, therefore, remember, which activities you have done and in case you revisit the site, your browser will send cookies back to this website. Thus we can identify your device and adjust the website to your preferences. In other cases, cookies are used to adjust the content of websites for better user experience or (in case of approval) for marketing campaigns targeting.

2. Approval for the use of cookies

During your session on the website, there is displayed a bar with the information that this website uses cookies. You can choose for which purposes we can store cookies on your device by clicking on particular options in this bar. Then you confirm your preferences by clicking on “Accept”, and since then, we will use only these cookies, which you have approved. For saving so-called “necessary cookies”, which are fundamental for ensuring basic functionality of a website, or preference cookies, which are used to adjust basic settings of the site, we do not need your approval. These cookies are stored on your device automatically.

You can withdraw your approval for the use of cookies anytime you want. You can do it in settings of cookies in the footer of the website, or you can do it in settings of your browser, where you can also delete your saved cookies.

3. Types of cookies

  1. Session cookies - they are stored on your device only during your session in a browser, and they are deleted as soon as you close your browser.

  2. Persistent cookies - they remain on your device after closing browser for a different length of time, just these cookies help us to identify your device in case of your repeated visit.

  3. First party cookies - these cookies are saved to your device by websites.

  4. Third party cookies - these cookies are saved to your device by websites of our partners for social media, advertisements and analysis.

4. Why do we use cookies?

Thanks to cookies the user experience of our website is more convenient. They also help us to track and analyse the way you use our website, and therefore we can improve the quality and the content of our site. We can also target marketing campaigns more precisely and offer you what you are interested in.

For these purposes, we use our cookies and third-party cookies. By using our website, the cookies of providers of marketing tools we use can be saved to your device. We can also share with them this information which was provided by cookies. By using these tools, we can continuously improve our services and consider your personal preferences and therefore target advertising campaigns precisely and address only these people who might be interested in our services.

Cookies used and collected from third parties and the way of their use is based on Privacy Policy of these third parties. These third parties can combine this information, which was collected from cookies, with other information, which you provide them or which they get by your use of their services.

We use these particular cookies:

5. How to block the storing of cookies to your device?

You can change your preferences for storing cookies anytime you want. This change can be done in the setting of cookies in the footer of the website. You can also set up your browser to enable, disable or block saving cookies to your device, including third-party cookies. It is also possible to block or allow storing cookies for particular websites. You can delete the cookies which are stored on your device anytime. In case you disable saving cookies at or in case you block it, the websites can not work correctly, and their functions might be limited.

The processes for the most used internet browsers are here: