Your Chance to Buy an Online Recruiting Startup

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Instead of building something from scratch, what if you could take over a young startup that’s already making money?

Thats the premise of, an online recruiting site that got its start in late 2014. It’s a profitable business with double digit revenue growth. Details of the sale can be found here. is an online job board that serves a niche sector of finance departments across corporate America. It was founded by a small group of Treasury professionals in Canada who have been running it “on the side” for a year and a half as it builds momentum.

Might be a nice way to break into startups on your own. In this case, the founders have full time gigs and own a bunch of domains that offer a bigger upside (seven figures instead of 6). A site like this is the perfect work at home business for the right person.

My point in this post is that sometimes, if you look around, you might be able to discover a startup that already exists that you can buy and tweak into your own business. If someone has been running a site and getting links, sales, traffic, etc but wants to flip it you should listen. Buying a startup vs building one can be a win win for both parties.