Why Startup Jobs? Because Corporate Sucks

startup jobs versus corporate jobs

I’ve been there.

Having experienced roles inside startup companies and in corporate America, I know firsthand what it’s like. I know the stress of pulling an “all nighter” while trying to get a web site live and I know how it feels to be trapped in the doldrums of office politics and bad bosses and bizarre rules.

And here’s what I have to say about that.

Life’s too short for that corporate bullshit! From now on I’ll always choose startup life.

Startups are not for everyone. Some of you have responsibilities and kids to pay for. But there is something about Startup life that offers a kind of simplicity and immediacy that is hard to match. For me, it is a calling. I have a more entrepreneurial spirit than most. I once crashed the company web server at a small startup I worked for in the early 2000’s. But even though I had to spend the night rebuilding it from scratch it was still a better day than I ever experienced in corporate.

As the job market evolves, more and more of us are heading out on our own…whether to start new companies or just create our own freelance way of life.

Yes I know there are good corporate jobs out there. But there aren’t enough of them to go around. Especially here in Connecticut. My recent experience with corporate life has left a bitter taste. I watched management fumble and bumble decision making and employee morale. They seemed oblivious as to what was really happening within their organizations.

Corporate employees just want to feel valued by their employers. They want a steady, decent paycheck, work/life balance and a little respect.

Why is that so hard for management to understand? This quote from Peter Drucker says it all;

“So much of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to work.”

I partly blame the Great Recession. In the years that followed the 2008 crash, companies shed workers in droves and made whoever was left to do the work of two people. They got greedy by trying to squeeze every last bit of productivity from the remaining workers. People were so glad just to have a job, they got used to it.

Employees are not to be treated like drones (we have drones for that!). Thankfully, employers like Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, and numerous other tech startups are leading the way when it comes to valuing employees as they should be valued.

Employees are assets. Treat them well and your business will grow and prosper.