The candidates you’re looking for aren’t looking for you

Here are some great quotes from recruiting experts that any startup can learn from.

The candidates you’re looking to hire aren’t looking for you. They already have jobs—almost certainly, good jobs.  It’s not enough to pay them well—they’re already well-paid.  To attract these people, you have to connect with them both logically and emotionally – they need to understand and embrace your “cause” or as Simon Sinek would say understand your “why.

~David Perry

The life of a startup has many twists & turns, there are exciting days when people feel like they’re becoming billionaires, and then there are the days you wonder why you quit your corporate job with its steady paycheck. Having team members who deeply understand the broader vision will keep the team productive during the down days!

~Miriam Diwan, CEO & Co-Founder, NowMoveMe

You should always have recruiting and hiring in the back of your mind, no matter what you are doing. You never know when an off-handed conversation when in line at the bank or convenience store might produce a possible lead on a good candidate. On that note, you should continue to recruit even after you think you’ve met your staffing needs.

~Andrew Schrage, CEO of MoneyCrashers

Start-ups, more than other types of companies, should hire based on traits, not specific skill sets.. Look for individuals who haven’t worked in highly matrixed environments – they’ll never get the “all hands on deck” mentality. You want curious, passionate people who will do what it takes for the company to succeed and are willing to work hard to get there. Don’t focus on skills – they can be learned quickly.

~Lynda Spiegel​, founder of Rising Star Resumes