Price comparison app startup to create jobs in Virginia

basket app is hiring

Basket Savings, a startup which has created a price comparison app for grocery stores has announced that it will be relocating to Clarendon, Virginia from D.C. with the help of incentives from the state.

Founded in 2014, the company currently has 9 employees but will ramp up hiring quickly as it invests $10 million into its new operations.

The firms app scans your weekly grocery list, then based on all items on the list, finds the grocery store that will have the lowest total for all items at checkout. Its designed to save people money.

According to their website: “Basket is the first company to ever let you know before you go. Simply open Basket and share what is on your shopping list and then Basket will do they rest, crunching millions of local prices for your favorite grocery and everyday products at the stores you love. You’ll know not only which store has the best choices for your current shopping trip, but how much you’ll pay before you go. Basket puts the power in your hands so you can choose to save both time and money on every shopping trip, sometimes with savings of over 60%.”

A check of their website reveals no jobs yet, but you can contact them here.