A Helpful Guide To Headhunting for Startups

Headhunting for Startups

When you’re dealing with a startup, you want to be sure that you know how to hire the right people. This is where headhunting comes in and can really play a pivotal role as the process has the potential to scope out qualified candidates, particularly at a higher level.

The problem is that far too many new businesses want to attempt to hire people on their own. Though an internal HR function may serve its’ purpose, they may not be the best source of hiring in a startup business.

With time and resource constraints on many SMB’s success if usually down to allotting a fair amount of time to the process. If you turn to a headhunting service, this is their specialty and what they do each and every day. You do need to be clear about your requirements, but you also have to recognize that you can be successful if you let them do the homework for you. Though this does represent an initial investment, it can pay off tremendously in the end. Here we look at just a few reasons why a headhunting service is by far the best way to go when it comes to your hiring needs for a startup.

Reduce costs by streamlining the headhunting process

Though a headhunting service may cost more than hiring on your own, it helps to streamline the process. You will find that you don’t start and stop the recruiting process, but rather things remain constant until they help you to find the right candidate. You may also find that if you are clear about your requirements up front you will be continually involved in the process all along the way. A headhunting service may introduce an initial cost, but it will pay off tremendously when you can keep the process going until the right candidate is hired. This is the pure definition of a good return on your investment, and therefore it’s important to understand that paying something up front may actually cut down on your overall costs later on.

Embrace the power of networking and utilizing it for all that it can be

You will come to recognize just how important a network is in every aspect of a startup business. This shows through early on with the hiring process, for you may be able to identify the right personnel with good contacts. It may be that you locate the right headhunting service, you uncover a candidate that you didn’t even know was available or have stakeholders who have a previous employee looking for work. Networking is always going to prove helpful for hiring within a startup.

Thoroughly cross-checked potential employees

You can understand that with a startup comes a whole new set of challenges when it comes to hiring the right person. Many experts would agree that it’s a matter of timing and also of knowing how to locate the right employees. One thing that many experts agree upon is that they have all hired the wrong person at some point in time, simply because they didn’t properly check their credentials.

When you turn to a headhunting service, they do this for you. It’s comforting to know that when you hire this person that they have been screened, and that by the time they make it to your desk they have been qualified as a potential match for you.

Do your homework to ensure that you truly hire the right people

There is a tendency to want to do the hiring in-house because it cuts down on your overall expenses. Though you may be tempted to use an internal HR function to hire key people for a business, this can work against you. Headhunting is a specialty and therefore it can offer a service that you simply can’t get on your own. This trend of utilizing your HR department to fill key positions is falling flat.

Though headhunting may introduce an additional cost, the bottom line is that you have a much better chance of getting the right people in the end. You want to be certain that you evaluate the types of services that you will get through a headhunting service, and recognize that they are doing a lot of the leg work for you. This comes at a cost, but it also ensures that they are doing your homework for you too and that you will end up with the right person the first time around. Truly a worthwhile investment!

Never underestimate the additional leg work needed to find the right employee. Consider what you will get when you hire a headhunting service, and recognize how this can positively affect your bottom line. You stand to gain so much if you utilize this service and focus your attention on your other startup elements—in the end you will have the right candidates to help you make your business a true and lasting success.