Datto’s CEO Talks About Startup Life

austin mcchord datto ceo

In the first ever episode of Startup Jobs Radio you’ll hear from Austin McChord, CEO of Norwalk, CT based Datto the fast growth data storage startup.

At a recent StartupGrind event that took place in New Haven, CT he was interviewed about his startup story. In this 20 minute portion of the talk you’ll hear some funny stories about startup life and get his take on what its like to go from a basement office to 350 employees. Fresh off a $75 million dollar funding round, the firm just expanded its office space and plans to add another 400 employees in the next two years.

Highlights in this audio:

2:35: Their first sale resulted in so much money being sent to their checking account the bank thought it was fraud and held the money.

3:52: What kind of company culture defines Datto.

4:45: Thoughts on what it’s like to pass 100 employees.

6:25: They implemented “anonymous survey” in which they let employees ask questions. Management answers all questions submitted for transparency.

8:33: Do new employees “get scared” of you as you pass through the hallway now?

9:25: As CEO you actively look to stay “accessible”.

10:03: Crazy office experiments with drones, liquid nitrogen and ball bearings.

13:18: “Now my job is all people”

14:30: Wikipedia wasn’t pleased when we tried to download their entire website.

15:36: Why he turned down a $100 million buyout.

17:33: Time to get real.