How to Attract Top Talent to Your Startup

When your startup is in its early stages, you need to attract top talent on a modest budget. These are the kind of candidates who could have their pick of higher paid jobs for bigger profile companies. So how can you persuade them to come and work for you?

The way you market your company and its values is key to attracting top talent. Your selling points will revolve around the work environment you have created and the opportunities they have for professional development and ownership. You need to communicate these selling points effectively and convince candidates of your passion and commitment to the company and its ethics.

Here are six tips for how you can attract that top talent to your startup:

  1. Create an Office Culture They Want to be Part Of

An appealing work culture can be a big draw for top talent. A relaxed dress code, flexible work spaces and a cohesive team of like-minded people can all get people excited about coming to work. Humanising your workplace through transparent management, good training opportunities and a conscientious effort to listen to staff is another great way to create an office culture that sets you out from bigger companies.

  1. Tailor the Job to the Employee

You are in a great position to tailor a job to the attributes and requirements of the candidate. Offering flexible working or the opportunity to work from home will allow employees to take more control of their time and work more productively too. Smaller companies are also able to offer better breadth of work if candidates would welcome that possibility. Rather than focusing on one specialism, employees can improve their abilities across the board in a job that requires a variety of skills.

  1. Offer Alternative Benefits

You may not be in a position to offer healthcare plans or excellent maternity and paternity leave. You can, however, offer alternative benefits that show you care about your employees and their welfare. Free snacks, a weekly lunch, discounted gym membership or a paid day of holiday on their birthday are all small but attractive perks for potential employees.

  1. Emphasise the Importance of Your Work and Theirs

If your company’s work is going to have a positive social or environmental impact, shout it from the rooftops. Everyone likes to feel that they’re doing their bit for the greater good and this could be the perfect way to tempt talent away from a big corporation and into your startup.

At a big corporation, your candidate will be one face among many so it’s important to emphasise how important their work will be to your company. At your startup they have the opportunity to influence the direction of the company and make big decisions. They will face real challenges and experience real successes. Make these opportunities clear in your job advertisement and at interview.

  1. Offer Equity or Profit Sharing

By offering top talent a share in your company or in the profits you produce, you’re taking them on as more than just an employee. This gives them a vested interest in company success and gives them a sense of ownership that they would be less likely to find in a bigger corporation.

Attracting top talent on a budget isn’t an impossible task. Smaller businesses have much more scope than big companies when it comes to work flexibility, employee engagement and offering equity. These are all advantages that can attract the very best in the business so promote your startup wisely and you’ll find the applications rolling in.