This ‘AI for Recruiting’ Startup Wants to Screen Your Resumes

Some say that in the world of recruiting, technology will begin automating routine cognitive work. Consider the task of resume screening. Typically it involves a recruiter or other HR person scanning through a database of resumes in hopes that one catches their eye. Pomato, a startup out of Princeton, NJ aims to make this a machine learning process that can be automated.

Their founders come from the tech staffing business so they know the pain of what they are trying to solve. Essentially they felt that recruiters were having too hard a time trying to assess and validate technical applicants. With the explosion in tech skills and languages how is the average recruiter able to keep up?

This is the question Pomato hopes to answer.  The platform has been trained by experts (actual developers), and performs over 200,000 computations on a candidate’s resume in seconds. Then it intelligently devises a custom tailored technical interview based on the candidates stated skills and experience. The result is a visual representation of the candidate from top to bottom that is easily understandable.

visual resume

The company says that tech staffing firms are their primary client at the moment. They are the ones looking through stacks of resumes and typically have a lot of non-technical recruiters doing the screening.

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