cropped-STARTUP512.pngIt’s the golden age of startups. From the one person, bedroom dwelling techie to the latest hot shot firm that just got funded, startups have gone mainstream.

Life working in these unique companies is what this site is all about. We aim to chronicle the life and times of Startups in North America, and help them hire along the way.

Free Startup Hiring

Startups can post jobs for free. Our job board is a no-cost way to promote your openings to a growing audience of candidates seeking to work there.

We’re also searching for writers who have something to say about hiring at or working for startups. So if you need to opine on culture, life, recruiting or just some general career advice we want to hear from you. We encourage startup owners who want to give back with some advice to also write in exchange for exposure and a free back-link to help your SEO.


Chris Russell is a well know expert in the online recruitment industry. In fact, his peers call him the ‘mad scientist of online recruiting‘. So he was the perfect choice to take the lead and pivot the site into a community about life and jobs at startups. Having built, launched and sold several startups of his own, he’s a great resource for both startup owners and candidates when it comes to hiring or finding a job.

He’s built local job board networks such as AllCountyJobs.com (sold in 2012) and national sites like CareerCloud.com which he still owns today. An epic podcaster is he. Listen to CareerCloud Radio when you get a chance.

Connect with Chris on: Linkedin // Twitter // Web // chris [at] startupjobs.com